8 Interesting Facts About Headaches

That super irritating feeling of constant thumping of hammer on your head is the world’s most painful thing especially when you’re home after a whole day’s tiring work and that is what we call a bad headache. Almost everyone knows what headache is and 50% of the people don’t even know that they get headaches especially migraines. Well, headaches can be really bad and disturbing leading to health issues but they are very common and vanish within few hours too. But if it lingers too long you might need to visit your doctor. Headaches are not equal and similar in all individuals as they vary from person to person in its severity, symptoms, causes, response to treatment and duration. And the most agreeable truth is almost all people manage the pain and discomfort either using medications or natural ways. Now let’s find out the most interesting facts about headaches that might surprise you.

Fact. #1

Headaches are mostly not dangerous and non harmful. They can be discomforting and painful but can be cured easily within 12-24 hours. Enough sleep, ample intake of water and noise free surrounding can help you to get relief from headaches.

Fact. #2

Taking too much of headache drugs and medications can also give you bad headaches which is called rebound headache. It won’t stop until the person stops taking the medications and drugs completely.

Fact. #3

Migraines are hereditary. According to the research, most children or teenagers who suffer from migraine have at least one close family member who suffer migraine more often. Researchers have to say that if one parent of a child suffers migraine then the child has 50% chances of getting migraine headache and if both parent suffer then the chances increases to 75%.

Fact. #4

Fasting or empty stomach for a prolonged time period can cause headache as the person gets very low blood sugar level which causes headache and gastric issues as well which is quite an interesting fact. While fasting, the body releases stress hormones caused due to dehydration leading to bad headaches.

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Fact. #5

Hormones related to women menstrual cycle can also cause headache. Maximum women experience migraine during or immediately after the onset of period and some during ovulation that is because the levels of estrogen and progesterone change-making women more vulnerable to headaches. Oral contraceptives or birth control pills also lead to headaches as they fluctuate the hormones levels too.

Fact. #6

Prolonged sleeping can also cause headaches. The effect of oversleeping on neurotransmitters of the brain including serotonin cause bad headaches that stays for few hours. People who sleep during the day time find it difficult to sleep at night which causes headaches soon after they wake up in the morning.

Fact. #7

Certain foods can be the culprit for your severe headaches. Foods that contain nitrates, tyramine, monosodium glutamate can lead to migraine. Chinese foods contain more MSG that cause severe headaches, hot dogs, French fries, burgers are some deadly foods for your irritating migraine.

Fact. #8

Another interesting fact about headache is that there is no permanent treatment for migraine or headaches in short it is incurable. Fast acting drugs and wise changes in your lifestyle can help you to get some relief from migraine.

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