WATCH: This video of two kids giving out a lesson on humanity is going viral for all the right reasons

The long-standing rich-poor divide cuts across all nations. In India, however, this divide only goes to notch up further. With the absence of the right policies, the gap just gets wider. It is for this reason that while a section of people in India indulges in big fat weddings, the other looks at weddings as one that saddles them with lifelong debt.


While urging us to do our bit to narrow the gap, Godrej Ezee has rolled out a wonderful ad that manages to latch on to people’s hearts. The commercial, featuring two kids belonging to two totally different societal strata, getting ready to go to school. The way they get ready and the available amenities are sharp reminders of the disparity between the two. As both children head to school, the one in the car spots his friend – the son of the watchman – and asks him why didn’t show up to play the previous evening. The kid says he didn’t have a sweater and it was too cold. What happens next will warm the cockles of your heart.


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