OMG..!! SBI and all State Bank Group new charges are gonna start from april 1st

Dear SBI and Stare Bank Groups customers,

Please withdraw your total amount from sbi and all state banks before March 31st. Use only Cash transaction no digital transaction, then we can avoid all types of service charges. And also we can teach them bank’s depending on customers but customers are not depending on banks. Let’s Show the power of the common man.

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?1. Minimum 3 times deposit free in your account, After more than 3 times deposit you will pay 50/- per deposit.
?2. Minimum 5000/- balance maintain in the metro city branch account holder.

?3. Minimum 3000/- balance maintain in city/town branch account holder

?4. Minimum 2000/- balance maintain in semi-urban area branch account holder.

?5. Minimum 1000/- balance maintain in villages branch account holder

?6. If you do not maintain minimum amount in your account you will pay up to 200/- + extra surcharge.(depending on how many days)

?7. SBI ATM free for 5 times use, after 5 times you will pay 10/- per transactions.

?8. Other bank ATM free for 3 times use, after 3 times you will pay 20/- per transactions.

?9. Unlimited SB ATM use without any charges, If you maintain 25000/- in your SB savings account.

?10. Unlimited SB ATM & OTHER BANK ATM use without any charges, If you maintain 100000/- in your SBI savings account

?11. 15/- SMS charge you will pay after 3 months, (SMS charge free, If you maintain 25000/- in your SBI savings account)

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  1. I get salary only on 5th of every month with the SBI New Rules From April 1 2017. How can its going to help poor people. If one is getting monthly 10000 as salary and gets by his savings account. HOw can SBI expect him to maintain minimum balance, He has to pay rent, food, transportation. Hardly there is Money in his account at the end of the month. SBI, If you are going to fine, then just terminate the account for not maintaining minimum balance. Dont thinks childish SBI, this rule remembers of my childhood school, they would fine anyone who comes late, this is what SBI is doing now. Dont get money from my account instead terminate my account if not maintained minimum balance.

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