The Present Education System has Kept Current Affairs in Distance to the Science &amp Technology Students


The ultimate goal of achieving excellence in education is to settle in a reputable job with high salary. If it is a government job, it will lead to permanent settlement in life with excellent benefits. Hence everyone crave to get a government job. In the past there were only few government jobs and hence many people showed reluctance to try but the situation in this decade is different. Plenty of government jobs with ongoing recruitment exams are luring every graduate to make an attempt and if missed, never in the life! This is the determination of every graduate now. During their sincere attempt to achieve the government job, impatience is seen commonly in the face of many people, especially those with science & technology backgrounds. Since Current Affairs has dominating role in the written examination of every government recruitment exam and no proper foundation has been laid to deal with that in the course of their education, many non-arts students exhibit their impatience.

The education system in India is often criticized as it always failed to make people whom industry needs. The education system merely incorporates an overall knowledge. Moreover, the schools and colleges are targeting ranks and percentages. Due to this, future graduates who can compete in the employment world are not built. Though people pass with excellent percentage of marks often fail to qualify in the recruitment exams or competitive tests. Due to this they are left unemployed. A recent survey revealed most of the people among unemployed are with higher qualifications.

Globalization creates a necessity to keep watchful eye on Current Affairs. Since events and issues of national and international importance can show impact on different parts of people and countries, it is very important to watch Current Affairs. But our education system has not adopted this practice yet. Especially Science & technology students gain lot of knowledge in their field but many times fail to answer who took charge as minister of agriculture. The education system kept Current Affairs as out of subject and students feel the same. Due to this, they are unable to face government recruitment exams. Moreover they condemn the syllabus as it lacks any subject of their study. It is very important to teach the importance of Current Affairs to the students right from their secondary education and it must be a part of the syllabus. Due to this, every student gets an excellent knowledge on a variety of social issues of national and international importance. Moreover, it becomes easy for a student to combat future competitive exams and recruitment tests.


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