Trend alert: Crown eye shadow is in vogue

Channel your inner Disney princess and rock the crown you always knew you deserved — but on your eyes — with this new makeup trend.


Trend alert: Crown eye shadow is in vogue


Made popular by German makeup artist Swetlana Petuhova and America-based makeup artist Marissa Melhorn, the crown makeup trend is now seeing beauty daredevils crafting delicate tiaras on their eyelids using eye shadows and topping them with bling for extra regality.

Crown makeup does not need to be relegated to your eyelids. Some people are accenting their brows with the royal emblem. Instagram user Cassisel is doing her own versions, by making crown makeup go beyond her eyes, and extending it to her forehead with glitter.

City-based makeup artist Kulsum Parvez said, “Though it is artistically beautiful, it is unrealistic as you just can’t wear it in your daily lives. I would suggest it for fancy concept parties on occasions like Valentine’s Day or Halloween. Make sure you have a steady hand, or ask your friend to do it for you. You can glam it up with the use of glitter and crystals.”

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