You Won’t Believe The Questions That People Asked Google In 2016

You Won’t Believe The Questions That People Asked Google In 2016

Google recently released its annual report on the most commonly used search terms of the year.

One of our favourite sections wasn’t about a specific internet meme or product, but the most commonly asked “what is…” questions U.S. users typed into the search engine.

The results provide a fascinating–and somewhat hilarious–look inside the brains of Google’s most curious (clueless?) users.

So far, so good. You can hardly blame us as a nation for searching about world-changing events such as the decision to leave the European Union, the cold-blooded murder of a giant gorilla, and the brutal shrinkage of a beloved chocolate bar.

Things get a little more troubling, however, when we examine the nation’s most popular “What is” and “How to” questions. Here are the most popular “How to” searches, written in a poetic formation for your enjoyment.

Will Trump win?

What is the American dream?

How to be pretty?

Who created God? /

Who is in the Illuminati?

What is calamari?

What is adultery?

What is ovulation?

Who is going to be the next president?

Was Jesus black?

Who is Allah?

Is DMX dead?

Is Jesus real?

Is Vietnam communist?

How to hack an Instagram account?

How to improve credit score?

How to hotwire a car

Where is weed legal?

When is a woman most fertile?

How to be a man?

How to become a stripper?

Is Africa a country?

How to play Pokemon Go?

How to lose weight well?

How to stay young?

How to go live on Facebook?

How to vote for EU Referendum?

How to get an Irish passport?

How to make slime?

What is satire?

Do midgets have night vision?

Are aliens real?

Is coffee good for you?

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